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       29/12/2009: VNPAY and NamA Bank launched SMS Banking.
26/11/2009: VNPAY and LienVietBank launched SMS Banking (Phase 2).
14/08/2009: VNPAY and BIDV cooperated to provide VnMart e-wallet service.
10/08/2009: VNPAY and Vietnam International Bank (VIB) cooperated to provide VnTopup, Bill Payment & VnMart e-wallet service.
03/07/2009: VNPAY and Sacombank launched SMS Banking service.
25/06/2009: VNPAY and Eximbank launched SMS Banking  & VnTopup service.
  08/06/2009: VNPAY and Agribank organized launching event of e-wallet VnMart and ApayBill – bill payment service.
08/05/2009: VNPAY and HDBank launched SMS Banking.
28/04/2009: VNPAY and IndovinaBank launched SMS Banking.

30/03/2009: VnMart e-wallet certificate approved by State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) according to Decision No.675/QĐ-NHNN of President of SBV.
23/03/2009: VNPAY and OceanBank officially launched SMS Banking service.
10/03/2009: VNPAY and Citibank Vietnam cooperated to develop SMS Banking.