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CAMBOPAY overview

About us:

CAMBOPAY was born in 2011 from our mother company VNPAYwhich was formally established in March 2007 in Hanoi, Vietnam by a group of founding stakeholders who were experienced experts at doing business of utility services on banking and telecommunication systems as well as business administration.

We cooperate with financial - banking institutions, mobile operators and merchants to offer products and services which can be experienced widely on mobile phones, Internet and other banking channels.

CAMBOPAY has connected and cooperated with 13 Banks and 5 Telco partners to set up simple and convenient payment solutions such as Mobile Banking, SMS/USSD Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Topup service, Bill Payment and Payment gateway.

Our Mission & Vision

Our objective is to become the leading company in the field of providing electronic transactions and payment solutions in Cambodia. We are the bridge among Banks, Telecommunication companies, Merchants to bring more value added services to their mutual customers.

We look forward to building a dynamic working environment full of creativity, solidarity, professionalism and well-being; moreover, we facilitate and give the opportunity to all employees to promote enthusiasm, initiative and participation in the process of changing, constructing, innovating, and developing the company; also, we maximize a long-term profit growth based on stability and sustainability through the collective cohesion of dynamics, creativity, happiness and unified adopted plans.

"Simplifying the life" is the message of CAMBOPAYtoward the community. We commit to cooperate with partners to develop a simple payment foundation aiming at reducing social expenses, changing the habit of using cash among the population, reducing social transaction costs, supporting sustainable business development and contributing to the economic development of Cambodia.