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Cambodian Asian Bank (CAB) officially launched Mobile Topup service


Cambodia Asian Bank (CAB) has honor to launch Mobile Topup service. With Topup service, customers could top up for prepaid subscribers of telecommunication companies by composing the fixed syntaxes and send to short code 2222/1222 anytime anywhere, easy and safety without scratch card.

Conditions of use:

  • Customer has registered for Topup service at bank’s branch/transaction office.
  • Customer has activated Topup service.
  • Customer’s bank account is enough balance for topup
  • Customers topup for prepaid subscribers of Metfone/ Smart

Utilities of service:

  • Don’t use scratch card, saving time
  • Topup easily, any time, any where
  • Customer still have all bonus from Telco

CAB Topup Syntaxes:


Syntaxes to 2222 & 1222

Activate Topup

OK CAB <Password>

Change Password

PW <OldPassword> <NewPassword>

Topup for yourself

Topup  <Amount>  <Password>

Topup for others people

Topup  <Amount>  <Phone.No> <Password>

Change password

PW  <OldPassword>  <NewPassword>


  • Password: may be letters or numeric letters, maximum 6 characters in length, difference between uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Amount: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 (USD)
  • Phone.No: is a prepaid subscriber of Metfone, Cellcard, Smart, Seatel, Cootel, QB
  • Short code 2222: applies for Metfone, Smart, Seatel, Cootel, QB
  • Short code 1222: applies for Mobitel/Cellcard only

For example: Customers compose "TOPUP 10 123456" to top up for themself or "TOPUP 10 012345678 123456" to top up for other people.