BIDC - Bank for Investment and Development of Cambodia Plc

Based on the guidance and the support of Vietnamese and Cambodian governments, Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) and Phuong Nam company (both are Vietnamese) has co-founded the Cambodian Investment and Development Co Ltd (IDCC) for the execution of financial, banking and insurance operations ... in Cambodia, and the first project is to repurchase the Prosperity Investment Bank (PIB), then restructure and rename it to Bank for Investment and Development of Cambodia, which is approved by the Governor of National Bank of Cambodia (NDC) in the Decision No B1.09.554 dated July 15, 2009.


Bank for Investment and Development of Cambodia (BIDC) has officially executed its operations from September 01, 2009 after the agreement No B7.09.148 dated August 14, 2009 of Nation Bank of Cambodia (NBC) about rename, charter capital increase and key staff approve for the Bank. By founding from repurchase and restructure PIB, BIDC is a banking institution with 100% capital owned by Vietnamese government which is founded and allowed to execute operations in Cambodia market to carry out assigned tasks from the governments of two countries. The Bank is expected to become a connection line between the financial - banking markets of two countries.

According to its memorandum and articles, BIDC is a financial institution which is founded and executed operations pur written to Cambodian law and regulations of NBC. The profestional operations of BIDC are directly supported by BIDV which is an experienced bank with more than 50 years in Vietnamese financial market. The support of BIDV for BIDC is realized in many domains, especially in technology system, profestional process and advanced banking products and services with high quality.

CAMBOPAY is honor to cooperate with BIDC Bank on SMS banking service that was go-lived on December 15th 2011.



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