HwangDBS Commercial Bank Plc is a 100 % foreign owned bank established by a financially sound and leading integrated financial specialist group from Malaysia, Hwang-DBS (Malaysia) Berhad. Together with their long-standing business partner of regional repute, Singapore’s DBS Group, HwangDBS Commercial Bank has the strength and capability to connect Cambodia to a broader array of safe and secure innovative products and services.

The combined in-depth knowledge, skills and assets allows HwangDBS Commercial Bank the advantage of positioning itself as a bank that understands the need to localise their offerings for the benefit of Cambodia.

HwangDBS Commercial Bank Plc has since changed our name to Phillip Bank Plc upon the successful acquisition by PhillipCapital Group in March 2014 which logo as below:


CAMBOPAY is honor to cooperate with Hwang DBS Bank on SMS/USSD banking services that were go-lived on July 03th, 2014.