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HKL is one of the biggest MFIs in Cambodia. HKL developed many new products to meet the demands of customers such as E - Banking, green loans, student loans, and SMS notification services. Also, to provide customers with professional, fast, convenient and best quality customer services, HKL have completed the installation of the Call Center System. This has excellent functions, which increases the duration of the customer service period for HKL, as well as improving the mechanism for collecting complaints and feedback from customers to improve its performance.


CAMBO PAY is honor to cooperates with HKL MFIs on SMS Banking service that was go-lived on November 19th 2012, USSD Banking service was go-lived on May 12th 2012 and Mobile Banking which was go-lived on January 14th 2014


(Source:  http://www.hkl.com.kh/Index.aspx?MenuID=1)

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