Smart Axita

 Smart Axiata Co., Ltd.  is Cambodia's second largest mobile telecommunications company serving over 5.5 million subscribers under the 'Smart' brand. In January 2014, Smart launched its 4G LTE network and became the first mobile operator in Cambodia to provide true 4G services. Smart also provides 2G, 2.5G, 3G and 3.75G mobile services, supporting the very latest in multimedia and mobile Internet services as well as international roaming across more than 150 countries. Its extensive nationwide network coverage is available in all 25 provinces in Cambodia.


The Smart of today became part of Axiata Group Berhad after the strategic merger of Latelz Co., Ltd., operating under the brand Smart Mobile, and Hello Axiata Company Limited, with its Hello brand, in early 2013. In order to reflect the merged brand also in the corporate appearance, the company formally renamed itself from Latelz Co., Ltd. to Smart Axiata Co., Ltd. with effect September 2013.


The company's workforce consists of more than 800 people including local and foreign experts. Smart is committed to its customers, employees and the people of Cambodia in delivering its promise of improving their lives. " Live. Life. Be Smart. "



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