McWiLL® (Multi-Carrier Wireless Information Local Loop) is a commercially mature 4G telecom technology, which is migrated from the Xinwei SCDMA technology. The McWiLL® system has outstanding advantages such as high capacity, large coverage, flexible networking, supporting mobility, handoff, roaming, and integration of both narrowband services (eg, voice and SMS) and broadband data (eg, video, internet access). Not only does McWiLL® support telecom services for the public sectors, such as mobile phones, SMS, and internet access, it also supports push-to-talk trunking services and video conferencing as well as many special applications for police, oil and gas fields , mining, railways, airports and sea ports, e-government, intelligent transportation. Due to the unique merits of large coverage, low power consumption, and self-backhaul, the McWiLL® system power by solar cells, can be a perfect communication solution for sparsely populated rural areas lacking power and telecom infrastructure to enable e-commerce, remote education and telemedicine and to bridge the “Digital Divide”. In order to improve the performance such as frequency spectrum utilization, efficiency of network construction, security and application flexibility, McWiLL® system combine the key advanced technologies, such as smart antenna and its enhance technology, CS-OFDMA, TDD, adaptive modulation, advanced code, MIMO & SDMA, dynamic channel allocation, make-before-break, security and fraud prevention, etc. Based on air interface of downlink shared channel, McWiLL® enables voice group calls, and the performance index of the features and capacity are up to the standard regarding the trunking dispatch. It supports the traditional functions such as the right words preemption, dynamic organizational, higher level precedence call, delayed entrance, intrusion and release, as well as the wireless virtual private network, enabling real-time dispatch service, including user's status display, voice record , video transmission and distribution. In addition to the voice trunking function, McWiLL® can also provide broadband data access service for terminals. Users can surf the Internet using PDA terminals or PC linked to a terminal. McWiLL® terminals can also provide various definition wireless video monitoring service. Xinwei's advanced video service platform is based on original bandwidth allocation and video dynamic code rate adjustment technology, provides real-time reliable video transmission, can satisfy various applications such as video dispatch, Video monitoring, video conference, and emergency command. This platform can satisfy video service application for public safety organizations, government agencies, medical, financial and educational institutions, community centers, and network operators, such as video dispatch, video monitoring, emergency command etc; support various terminals access methods, such as wired, wireless, including mobile terminal, desktop terminal, conference room terminal, front-end equipment for video monitoring and so on. It also can support voice, video transmission under rapidly moving wireless network. This system is based on IP network, using the whole distributed video routing technology, solve the bottleneck problem of bandwidth, suitable for large-scale deployment, while based on H.264 scalable encoding technology, applies to all kinds of terminals,

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