Mobile Topup

Mobile Topup is the service for top-up of prepaid and postpaid mobile phone account from customer’s bank account. This service has been deployed on SMS Banking, Mobile Banking, ATM, Internet Banking. This is a business cooperation and Topup brand sharing service between CAMBOPAY and banks with the aim of providing the service for target customer _ bank’s individual customer. 

In recent time, in addition to provision of traditional banking services, banks in Cambodia have an increasing demand for value-added services on Electronic Banking channel. Thanks to this, bank has attracted more individual customers to use bank account for payment; thereby, increasing more new customers using Electronic Banking service. 

Besides, thanks to deployment of value-added services in cooperation with partners, bank will collect a payment settlement fee to make up for the system’s operating costs and bring benefits to banks. To meet this requirement, CAMBOPAY has coordinated with banks and telecommunication companies to offer CamTopup service to individual customer group since 2011. In this business cooperation model, CAMBOPAY shall play a role as a service operating unit and coordinate with bank in launching marketing programs to customers. CAMBOPAY is the first company deploying direct Top-up service on the Cambodian market. With the advantage of connection with many large banks, CAMBOPAY has successfully provided services for  customers of banks all over the country such as BIDC Bank, Phillips Bank, etc.

Benefits of Topup service to Banks:

  • Increasing a new value added service for customer; thereby, enhancing competitiveness of bank. 
  • Retaining loyal customers thanks to a variety of payment utilities associated with their daily expenses.
  • Increasing bank service for customer and attracting customers to open account at bank; thereby, raising capital resource. 
  • Collecting transaction settlement fee from CAMBOPAY when customer uses CamTopup service; thereby, bringing benefits to bank. 
  • Reducing transaction time at bank by attracting customer to use Electronic Banking service.
  • Enhancing marketing of bank brand and card product: Bank’s promotion programs and information on new products shall be continuously updated and posted on CAMBOPAY’s websites. With an increasing number of customers that login to the websites, this has become an effective advertising channel for bank’s products and brand.