Internet Banking

With many years of experience in providing services to domestic and foreign banks, CAMBOPAY has set up an Internet Banking Solution allowing bank’s customer to use online banking services anytime and anywhere only with an access to Internet.

CAMBOPAY’s Internet Banking Solution is designed in accordance with a model that is flexible and easily integrated with bank’s internal system. Connection to third parties is supported while still ensuring the operation capacity and ability to serve a large number of customers at the highest security and confidentiality level.

Customer can register for Internet Banking service at different usage levels in accordance with the number of services available and transaction limit regulated by banks. Services deployed on Internet Banking including:

  • Account information inquiry, transaction history, checking credit information
  • Money transfer: internal transfer, inter-bank transfer and transfer via card, identity card.
  • Opening and crediting a savings account.
  • Registering and making a loan.
  • Bill payment and credit card transaction.
  • Card service.
  • Registering for bank services.
  • Searching for address of bank branch and ATM on map.
  • Checking interest rate and exchange rate information.
  • Value added services: Mobile phone top-up, online purchasing of airline ticket and online shopping of goods, etc.
  • Management of customer information, password change.
  • Online Payment Gateway.

Business customer can also use Internet Banking System provided by CAMBOPAY to make money transfer transaction of larger amount or salary payment with a full range of orders such as making purchasing or signing/approving purchasing. 

Internet Banking System is compatible with all of the latest browsers and operation systems available on the market; therefore, customers are not limited to selection of equipments or technology platform. 

The whole system is built to comply with strict international security standards such as PCIDSS. In addition, the use of Secured Socket Layer Certificate (SSL Certificate) which is certified by leading security companies such as VeriSign, Entrust, etc., helps to ensure the confidentiality of all information and data on customer and bank at the maximum level.

Customer can use services via Internet anytime and anywhere. Therefore, in order to enhance the authenticity of system users, besides the requirements of system login using username and password as normal, all financial transactions are required to make supplementary authentication by the 2-factor mechanism with One Time Password - OTP sent to customer’s mobile phone by SMS from the system or from the Token equipment provided by bank.

Internet Banking Solution includes web-based management system for bank administrators. Thanks to flexible mechanism of access management and user decentralization, along with functions of management and full report, bank can monitor the whole operation of the system and make business plans and customer development plans promptly and accurately.

It normally takes 4 months to deploy services for Internet Banking System. CAMBOPAY will closely coordinate with bank to deploy Internet Banking Solution, implementing marketing programs, increasing customer and developing value added services on Internet Banking.