Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is the service provided by CAMBOPAY that allows bank to send a large number of marketing messages to customer’s mobile phone for media, marketing and service proliferation in a cost-effective manner.

yesFeatures of Mobile Marketing:

  • The service numbers used for Mobile Marketing are branded and not mistaken with spam message.
  • Bank’s brand name (alias), instead of the short number, shall be displayed on the Sender’s name in text SMS sent to customer.

yesFeatures and capabilities to meet requirements of CAMBOPAY’s Mobile Marketing System:

  • Sending text message or flash message.
  • The system automatically filters the same phone numbers and has function to cancel sending SMS to invalid phone numbers that are false or contain special characters.
  • Providing detailed report on sending message.
  • Mobile Marketing System’s data is classified by category (province, city, age, sex, etc.). Bank can choose advertising objects according to each marketing program’s purpose.
  • High speed of SMS sending.
  • No limit to the volume of message.
  • Mobile Marketing System is set up and designed in an optimal manner, ensuring stability during the operation and uninterrupted connection. Besides, it is ensured that message is not lost during the process of sending message.

yesBenefits of using Mobile Marketing to Banks:

  • Marketing information is promptly sent to customer.
  • Bank can have a proactive access to customer (such as target customer, potential customer, etc).
  • Bank can convey various scenarios and contents to customer according to each specific marketing program.
  • Mobile Marketing is more optimal than traditional marketing methods thanks to saving the cost of designing, printing, materials and human resources, etc.
  • Mobile Marketing increases customer’s awareness of bank’s brand thanks to brand name attached to text SMS.
  • Mobile Marketing ensures the confidentiality of information and customer data.

yesBenefits of receiving message from Mobile Marketing to Customer:

  • Promptly receiving information on bank’s programs.
  • Gaining information on product – service provided by bank.
  • Increasing trust in Bank’s brand.