SMS Banking

CAMBOPAY is proud that we are the only one SMS aggregator that has set up all connection to SMS center of all Telecommunication companies in Cambodia, with dedicated short-code (2122/1122) for two-ways SMS interaction between bank users and bank’s system in performing banking transactions via SMS.

SMS banking is collaborated offering banking services via SMS technology on customer mobile phone. This is the fastest and simplest way in bringing banking services to end user nationwide in Cambodia. SMS Banking allows loan customers and saving customers check their account balance, do top-up or get notified on their bank account activities. Customers will receive an instant SMS alert sent to their mobile phone when they are on due date of payment term or execute any financial transactions associated with bank account.

Our SMS service supports content in Khmer, English, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese or more…

It’s the most convenient way to manage everyone finance, tracking banking transactions timely and keeps oneself informed on account activities lively.

I. SMS Banking features



SMS Banking Features

Banking services


Auto alert

 For your Account:
Account getting debited - When account is debited xxx $, as set up by bank site.
Account getting credited – When account is credited xxx $, as set up by bank site.

 On Account Balance:
Balance rises above a limit
Balance falls below a limit

ATM & Credit card transaction:
Doing cash withdrawal at ATM.

Doing payment at POS or on Website or Mobile app.

Reminding of credit payment.

 Loan/Debt reminder:

On maturity date of loan payment.



Inquiry information

Balance inquiry: Getting bank account balance just by sending one SMS with content “SCB BAL”

Transaction History: Listing down the 5 latest banking transactions.


Public information

Interest rate, Exchange rate, Branches location, ATM location...


        On time Password

SMS OTP: Two security factors compliance to support financial transactions via Mobile banking, Internet banking and SMS Banking


Airtime Top-up

TOPUP: Do air-time top-up live time to all mobile networks in Cambodia.


     Financial Transaction

Do fund transfer or Card less withdrawal via ATM network


Bill payment

Pay your utility bills via SMS.


           SMS Marketing

An efficiency channel in delivery Banking policy or promotion to bank users


       SMS Customer care

Sending customized content to take care Bank’s user (Wishing SMS to user on her birthday….)

•       Customer is authorized by SIM card.

•       Can be used on all mobile devices (simple phones)

•       Customers remember simple SMS banking syntaxes.

The outstanding advantages of the service via short code 2122 for bank's customers:

-        It is specifically used for bank services since 2011.

-         It is a SMS service short code with high quality and a rapid and stable speed: Average speed is 100 -> 150 SMS per second.

-        CAMBOPAY has set up high-speed connection lines and standby lines to Telecommunications companies to ensure the system’s transparency.

         CAMBOPAY has directly connected to all of the most telecommunication networks in Cambodia include: METFONE, MOBITEL, SMART, COOTEL, SEATEL, QB. SMS Banking service’s quality is ensured to meet the strict requirements of bank’s financial transaction. Bank only needs one connection with CAMBOPAY to connect with all telecommunication networks in Cambodia.

-         2122/ 1122 supports SMS sending with bank’s brand name.

-         Operating 24/7 with frequent monitoring for timely detecting incidents to notify to partners.

-         Through Hotline +855 236 311 699, a professional customer care and support team closely coordinates with bank and telecommunication staffs to timely settle customer’s claim on SMS Banking service.

-         CAMBOPAY supports bank in viewing online message statistical report on each telecommunication network and analysis chart of bank’s incoming and outgoing message in real time.

-         CAMBOPAY has invested in infrastructure system with equipments and servers of the highest configuration. CAMBOPAY’s Data Center is in Hanoi, HCM and Phnom Penh city; therefore, highest security and confidentiality requirements are ensured.

-         SMS Banking service is of reasonable cost and appropriate for bank’s requirements of high and specific service quality.