USSD Banking


USSD Banking Services

USSD Banking service is a simple and quick form of mobile banking. It allows Bank’s customers/agents to access to their bank account from any GSM handset, without remembering any keyword or downloading any application. Customers easily make transaction from menu on USSD Banking mobile interface via their mobile phone by dialing *2122# and press Call to start banking services.


USSD - Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, a GSM communication technology used to send messages between mobile phone and an application server in the network. It is very much similar to SMS, but USSD is session oriented as well as interactive. It does not have store and forward concept. An USSD is a session-based protocol unlike SMS or MMS; therefore the session needs to be allocated to each and every interaction. Comparing with SMS, the USSD has a much faster response and real time feature. Due to its capability of interactive dialog, not only USSD is superior to SMS in extending mobile services, but the service carrier can also tailor the USSD services to satisfy local user requirements, with little modification to the original configuration parameters.


USSD Banking features:



USSD Banking Features

Banking services


     Inquiry information

  Balance inquiry: Getting bank account balance

 Transaction History: Listing the banking transactions history.


     Public information

Interest rate, Exchange rate, Branches location, ATM location...



        Airtime Top-up

TOPUP: Do air-time top-up live time to all mobile networks in Cambodia.


     Financial Transaction

 Do fund transfer

 Card less withdrawal via ATM network or Payment



            Bill payment


  Pay your utility bills via USSD.


•      Customer is authorized by SIM card.

•      Can be used on all mobile devices (simple phones and smart phone)