Bill payment through bank

Bill collecting service is an accurate and convenient payment channel, co-operated by Banks, CAMBOPAY and Suppilers. It helps the service providers to charge fees through bank account of customers. Customers only need a current bank account to be able to actively do payment for the bills (Postpaid mobile phone, Fixed telephone, Cable television, Internet ADSL, Electricity, Water, School fees, etc.).

Currently, CAMBOPAY is in process of deploying this service via many banking channels, such as:

  • SMS Banking & USSD Banking
  • Mobile Banking & Internet Banking
  • ATM system & Counter at bank
  • Auto-debit channel

Thanks to this service, customer can easily make payment for periodical bills such as bill of telephone, Internet, electricity, water, cable TV, school fee, etc without having to come to service provider’s agents; dissolve the worry that service is stopped when they have no time to pay for cash messenger at home. The customers’ bills will be always paid on time and fully.

Benefits of Providers when deploying Bill Collecting Service:

  • Connecting new payment methods, meet the needs of applying information technology and development directions of Providers.
  • Minimize costs for the cash service messenger, charging points.
  •  Provide customers with a diversified, easy, useful payment channel and customers can make payment anytime, anywhere.
  • Successfully increasing charge rate, decreasing suspension rate due to unpaid charge.
  • Non-cash payment method helps to avoid risks arising from the money earned by the company such as: loss of money, counterfeit money ...

Suppliers deploying Bill collecting service:

  • Open.Net: Internet service provider
  • EDC: Electricite de Cambodge
  • PPWSA: Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority