For Enterprises - Payment channel

  • Mobile Marketing

    Hình minh họa Mobile Marketing is the service provided by CAMBOPAY that allows sending a large number of marketing messages to customer’s mobile phone for media, marketing and service proliferation in a cost-effective manner.


  • KPay - Payment Gateway

    Hình minh họa KPay developed by is an intermediate system of transmission, exchange and payment transaction processing between customer having card or bank account or e-wallet and Card Acceptance Merchant providing goods and services on Internet. KPay meets the security requirements at the highest level and is certified by National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) and banks in Cambodia.


  • KBill - Bill Collecting Service

    Hình minh họa KBill collecting service is an accurate and convenient payment channel, co-operated by Banks, CamboPay and Suppilers. It helps the service providers to charge fees through bank account of customers. Customers only need a current bank account to be able to actively do payment for the bills (Postpaid mobile phone, Fixed telephone, Cable television, Internet ADSL, Electricity, Water, School fees, etc.).