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CAMBOPAY  provides E-banking solution, including Internet Banking and Mobile Banking for Banks and Financial institutions. Customers can use the banking services via their personal computer or mobile phone. The application is built specifically for each Mobile operating system, supported for all kinds of smart phones and tablets available on the market now.

CAMBO PAY  E-banking solutions allows customers to register and use only one login account on both Internet banking and Mobile banking channels, create unity and optimize the customer's experience of banking services on the online channels. Depending on their own demands, customers can register for Internet Banking or Mobile Banking or both. After pressing to the internet, customers can use banking services anytime, anywhere, easily and quickly.

CAMBO PAY  E-banking solution is built by flexible design models, based on many years experience of banking services deployment; it allows to rapidly connect to internal systems of banks and provides services to customers in the shortest time with the highest quality. The solution is also designed to be easily expanded in the future, available to connect to the systems of the third party as well as flexibly customize according to the business requirements of banks.

The whole system is built according to international security standards PCI DSS, ensure maximum safety for the information of customers and banks. Customers can register to use the authentication mechanism OTP or Token when making financial transactions on Internet Banking or Mobile Banking. The system also automatically sends notification messages to customer's registered phone number whenever the account balance changes, helps customers to control all financial transactions.

CAMBO PAY  E-banking solution also supports the services for enterprise clients, such as transferring money, creating on-demand payroll. It includes Online Payment Gateway, which allows banks to connect to enterprises (E-commerce website), so that customers can use their bank account to pay online.

Normally, the deployment time for one solution is 6 months but Banks may decide to deploy both Internet Banking and Mobile Banking at the same time. CAMBOPAY does not only deploys the technical solutions but also continues to cooperate with banks to expand the value-added services and implements marketing activities, banking services to customers.