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Among current online payment methods, the payment solution using the bank account or local debit card (ATM) is considered as the most convenient and secure method for customers. Banks cooperates with units providing Online Payment Gateway, allowing businesses integrating Online Payment Gateway on their website, so that customers are available to make payment for products and services on internet.

Online Payment Gateway developed by  CAMBOPAY  is built based on 5 years experience in development and providing VnMart E-wallet - one of the first electronic wallet is licensed by the government. VnMart E-wallet has over 40,000 active accounts and integrated on multiple popular e-commerce websites with large volume of transactions. VnMart E-wallet is built based on the most advanced security standards and regularly inspected by the leading experts in the field of security.

Online Payment Gateway Solutions is designed to allow businesses providing their goods or services accepting online payment method, such as:

  • Internet
  • Mobile Phone (SMS)
  • Online Payment Gateway is also designed to handle the transaction using:
  • Local debit cards issued by domestic banks.
  • Credit Card.
  • Debit Card and International credit.
  • E-wallet
  • Scratch Cards

Online Payment Gateway solution has applied the cardholder authentication methods such as 3D-Secure technology for international cards and One Time Password (OTP) for domestic cards. The entire system is designed on the security architecture and compatibility with Card payment standard set up by International Card Organizations.

The functions of Online Payment Gateway:

  • Allow account holders to make payment for the value of goods on the internet by the local debit cards of banks.
  • Cardholder authentication function.
  • Comparison function.
  • Supporting for payment, cancel and refund processes based on the standards of the International card organization and can be customized according to the specific regulations of banks.
  • Supporting for cardholder authentication methods such as One Time Password (OTP) via SMS according to 3D-Sercure model of International Card Organizations.
  • Allowing to minimize frauds in online payments.
  • Supplying management interface that allows transaction statistics, supports reconciliation and payment, control the revenue through the online gateway.